Four Ways to Improve Your Adelaide SEO Strategy in 2019

It’s 2019, and your SEO campaign is still in shambles. You don’t know what to do to right the ship, and your online reputation is going down the drain with it. But fear not, because there’s still hope. Apart from hiring a professional SEO specialist, you should also try to incorporate these four proven tested Adelaide SEO strategies to revive your brand online and start gaining some positive results.



Tip #1: Add Interactive Content


While your site must not lack any of the top three types of content (text, images, and videos), you should also make sure that you incorporate interactive content pieces as well. These kinds of content still fall under these three categories but are explicitly structured to spark interest and curiosity. Good examples are survey polls, quizzes, a video about your brand, assessments, and infographics. Not only does it keep your visitors on your website for longer, but it can also improve the overall user experience.


Tip #2: Aim for Keyword-Rich, Long-Form Content


Long-form keywords enable you to delve deeper into content topics, providing users with a plethora of information that they can find relevant and useful. Google aims to help people get everything they need in one search. You should also adapt to this mindset and make sure people are compelled by how you can answer their questions and provide their needs.


Tip #3: Come up with Great Headlines to Improve Click-Through Rate


The content inside your website won’t matter a thing if people aren’t dragged to it by your headline. The headline is a one-line Adelaide SEO component that serves an important purpose. Without it, people won’t have any reasons to click and access your website other than just raw curiosity. To create compelling headlines, you can use online tools such as Headline Analyzer. These tools will help you come up with a headline that will foster engagement and, in turn, improve your click-through rate.


Tip #4: Ensure Site Mobile-Readiness


In the recent report by Search Engine Land, 67 per cent of internet users browses the web on their mobile phones. That only implies that more people are accessing the internet through their mobile phones than before. Therefore, you should also make sure that your website is mobile-ready to engage its audience. Learn more about mobile optimisation when you visit our site.


These useful tips will make sure that your site’s Adelaide SEO strategy is up to date. Make sure your website can compete with its competitors online by following the right SEO strategies. You can also hire an SEO specialist. Call our hotline today to know how.