What are the Types of Security Doors?

Security Doors SAIn the hope of improving the security of your home, place of business, or commercial establishment, there are a few things you can do, including the installation of CCTV cameras, surveillance systems, alarms, and motion detection technology. While those things will boost security, you cannot forget about the most basic yet still useful measure: the security door.

Installing a security door is not something you do to keep people out or lock the same to prevent unauthorised access. It is more about having something that has sufficient structural strength and resilience for anyone who has evil intentions to realise that it is impossible to break it. Therefore, the best security doors SA out there are the ones made from durable materials like metal and solid hardwood. Fortunately for you, there are a few varieties to choose from, with each one carrying unique benefits and features.


1 – Cast Iron Grille


Most security doors you find feature an outer aluminium frame, but this first type comes equipped with a cast iron grille. The great thing about a security door with a cast iron grille is that it conveniently matches with the existing architecture and style of your home. But be reminded that cast iron doors are heavy, which means you might need reinforcement on the frames for added support.



2 – Decorative Variety


If you wish for your security door to have a unique appearance, your most reasonable bet would be a decorative grille. Its main advantage is flexibility regarding customisation. If you install a decorative grille type of security door, it offers not just protection against burglars and home invasion, but also great style. In fact, you can pick different patterns and shapes.


3 – Stainless Steel Security Wire


When it comes to security doors SA, the one with stainless steel security wire material is the most expensive. However, the high upfront cost of buying it comes with the advantage of getting the highest degree of protection. It is a security door that utilises a three-point locking system and fitted with a combination of stainless steel and heavy steel mesh. Therefore, what you’re getting is a security door that is almost impossible to break.


4 – Small Diamond Type


If your primary concern is the high risk of thieves in your area or neighbourhood, then your best option when it comes to security door installation is choosing a small diamond grille type. It is a security door that features tiny holes and an aluminium grille that provides additional protection, especially when it comes to thieves who are skilled at gaining entry even through small holes where their hands or fingers can fit. With a security door with small diamond grille type, it is impossible to manipulate the lock or gain entry in other ways.