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Are you constantly baling hay and straw to turn them into feed for your livestock? If so, then you need the best baling product to help you with your tasks. At Silage covers, we offer the best baling products that will help you wrap and store your bales to turn them into fresh and nutritious fodder for your animals.


Professional Baling Products


At Net Wrap Australia, we offer the most exceptional baling products here in Australia. A highlight product that we are currently selling is out silage covers. ensures that you get the best product for your baling purposes.



Why Buy Our Silage Covers


If you’re currently utilising silage pits, you can potentially waste lots of good fodder in the process. That why you need to make sure you used high-quality baling products like our silage covers. Net Wrap Australia offers the best quality silage covers that will efficiently help you cover your bales and preserve its freshness throughout its development phase.


Our silage covers come in a wide range of specifications and sizes to suit your requirements. To make a purchase, contact us today for a free quote.



Our Other Best-Selling Products


Apart from our silage covers, also provides other high-quality baling products. Each product will suit your baling needs and ensure that you get your baling done in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Here are other products that we also offer:


Net Wrap


Net wraps are ideal for outdoor storage. Ours are made of the highest quality resins and other materials to provide extreme durability, ensuring zero breakage in your stored bales. Our net wrap is the number one choice for most farmers in Australia. Its high levels of performance and reliability make ideal for baling in any season.


Baling Twine


While it may be the traditional option for bale wrapping, our baling twine proves to be relevant even in the age of the net wrap. Our baling twine is 100% suitable for conventional baling machines. It also performs well when it comes to bale wrapping, eliminating downtime and ensure maximum baling efficiency.


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We’re consistently the number one option for most Aussie farmers. Get our Silage Covers – You can also avail our other products. So what are you waiting for? Buy now!