How Does a Newly Built Home Benefit You?

The single largest investment that a person will ever make is a house. Whether on searching or designing the perfect dream home before signing any contracts, most buyers end up spending lots of time and energy. When it comes to house hunt, location, price, market trends and the condition of the property are factors necessary for you to consider.



One of the first decisions buyers need to make is whether to opt for an existing home or build a brand new one. Keep in mind that the home buying process involves several important choices. Each path possesses its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, working with Fairmont Homes New Home Builders Adelaide instead of buying an existing house is one thing you should consider. Numerous reasons can prove why it is ideal like:

  1. You get what you want from the investment, and then some.

This factor alone is already enough reason to opt to build over buying for many home buyers. Take note that nothing can compare to the feeling of moving into a new home that is made according to your preference. The flexibility to customise certain things to suit your needs is what you will obtain if you opt to build a new house. Apart from achieving a home that precisely reflects what you want, you get to ensure that everything matches your lifestyle as well.

  1. You also get to pay less stamp duty.

You necessarily have to pay stamp duty on the value of the entire property when you purchase an existing home. While if you build your new home, you only must pay stamp duty on the land component. No doubt, you are going to save thousands of dollars as you will only pay for the land as opposed to both the house and property.

  1. There is a prospect of government incentive.

For first time homebuyers who live in Australia, there are substantial government incentives on offer. With these benefits, people of Australia who are looking to get themselves onto the property ladder will see building a new home more and more attractive.

  1. You no longer must spend money on renovations.

The lack of need for renovation is one of the beauties of hiring Fairmont Homes New Home Builders Adelaide for your new construction. It is no secret that remodelling can be an exhausting and expensive process as it can quickly blow out both time frames and budgets. That’s why; it is not surprising why most people nowadays opt to build a new home instead. Building new will also allow you to tailor everything according to your particular needs from the outset. This way, you will never experience the fear of the unknown that is significantly associated with undertaking renovations.