How to Select the Ideal Floor Tiles

Choosing kitchen floor tiles is not a cakewalk, but you can focus on practicality and aesthetics when you’re about to shop for a new one. Picking the wrong tile will inevitably lead you to unending frustration whenever you see it as well as cost-overruns and even the need to re-do the tile installation in the worst cases. If you choose the right tile, rest assured you will get to enjoy both a stylish and durable kitchen floor for years. Selecting the best floor tiles Adelaide for kitchen will become an effortless task if you learn and appreciate the value of these factors:


Type is the primary consideration when it comes to choosing tiles. It is imperative that the one you choose will suit your space efficiently. A tile that features a non-slip surface, durable and chemical resistant and has a low porosity is the best type for kitchen areas.

A presence of tiny pores is what best describes porosity. The material consists of small holes or gaps that can significantly absorb liquids and even odours. Tiles that have low porosity work best on kitchen areas that are prone to dirt because aside from being is effortless to clean; it remarkably won’t retain odours or stains if ever you accidentally spill food and liquids while either cooking or eating.

Since porcelain tiles are capable of meeting all the tile-type criteria you are looking, no doubt it is an excellent fit for your kitchen. Porcelain is one of the most durable types of material for tiles that feature a very low porosity so it will always be clean and can be glazed with a non-slip surface.


Colour is a top factor to keep in mind when choosing the best tiles for kitchen design. The colour of your floor plays a critical role in transforming the look and feel of a kitchen in a variety of ways. If you want your kitchen to feel more inviting and comfy, choose warm, earthy colours, while for a clean and spacious look, fresh or white-toned colours work best.

However, don’t forget that the kitchen is not only about pure decorative, but significantly it is a working room. A room will look cleaner if you incorporate fresh and white toned colours, but if you want to hide stains and dirt effectively most especially that you are not that fun of cleaning after cooking immediately, dark colours will work best as it will keep your floors look clean always.


If you desire to boost the visual appeal of your kitchen, then it is only reasonable that you invest in a decorative floor tile. But, keep in mind that the texture of your tiles determines its daily performance. Even though a high-gloss porcelain floor may look exceptionally amazing, however, you must consider that if it gets wet, it will likely get slippery which can cause accidents.

If you love cooking or have a kitchen that remains steamy or holds moisture all day long, having a non-slip tile is imperative. Thus, we recommend that you choose a matte finish or textured tiles if you have that type of kitchen.

So, if you want to transform your kitchen in both aesthetics and function, you must make an effort to choose the right floor tiles Adelaide.