Proven Benefits of Weighted Blankets

A useful therapy tool that has been around for a while now is weighted blankets. Many parents that have kids with autism and sensory issues have observed the calming effect weighted blankets remarkably provides.

Deep Touch Pressure or known as DTP, is the science behind these exceptional weighted items. It is the term that translates to the feeling of gentle and distributed weight on the body. You can surely get the benefits of DTP in a variety of ways. One excellent example of experiencing DTP is through hugging. However, there are great alternatives found in the market today that may provide the benefits of DTP such as weighted vests, blankets, stuffed animals and lap pads.

Both children and adults can benefit from weighted blanket therapy. This content will tell you more about the specifics:

1 – Improved Sleep

The chemical serotonin in your body will significantly increase with the help of weighted blankets. One of the essential chemicals in the body is serotonin as it helps in regulating mood and ease relaxation. As studies shows, children with autism are low in serotonin. That’s why utilising weighted blanket is remarkably beneficial for them. Serotonin is necessary to create melatonin. This chemical is accountable for telling your body when it is already time to sleep. The production of melatonin will be notably based on the timing of your sunlight exposure. With this, your body will acknowledge when it’s time to relax already as it uses the timing as its schedule.

Aside from that, you will no longer experience restlessness during sleep with the weight of the blanket. Sleeping under a blanket of the right weight will make it hard for you to move around. Take note that you should use a weighted blanket that is appropriate to your weight as well. The blanket you will purchase must be 10 per cent of the individual’s body weight plus a pound or two, and that is the general rule in using this special blanket.

2 – Eliminates Insomnia

For those people struggling with insomnia, a weighted blanket could perhaps be the non-pharmaceutical answer to getting a solid night’s sleep. According to the data gathered after tracking the sleep of the users with insomnia, it was found out that participants feel like they got a more comfortable, better quality and more secure sleep.

3 – Reduces Anxiety

Weighted blanket therapy dramatically helps in reducing anxiety, and that is its overall theme to all the other benefits. In fact, it has been proven that weighted blankets effectively lessen the chances of anxiety. It is especially true to dental patients when they use weighted blankets; they feel less anxious as the warmth of the blanket provides them with the calming effect that eases the tension and their mind in high-anxiety situations.

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