The Retaining Wall Advantage

Building a retaining wall hands you several exciting and practical benefits. Aside from its function as essential structural support to large masses of soil and preventing slopes from damaging your property, retaining walls also have the potential of becoming an attractive focal point in your backyard. There are a couple of benefits you can get from installing a retaining wall that will help you renovate and enhance the appeal of your landscape, and we listed them below:

1 – Structural Support

The primary purpose of retaining walls is to keep soil in place. If your area features small hills or prone to landslide, building a retaining wall is the best solution as it serves as a barrier to prevent the soil from sliding forward. Due to this, creating a retaining wall has become an essential safety feature for your landscape. Most importantly, it helps to keep both you and your house including the elements in your yard safe even in extreme weather conditions.

2- Prevention of Soil Erosion and Flood Control

Whether it is due to wind or water, we can’t deny the fact that erosion is always present in any landscape. That’s why building a retaining wall is essential because it acts as a substitute if your property does not feature any trees and shrubs around to hold the soil in place. Aside from that, retaining walls also helps to lessen the surface runoff by reducing sharper gradients. Thus, it reduces the possibility of erosion. Not just that, retaining walls also produce effective flood control by creating water drainage that prevents a flood from happening. Plus, retaining walls allows water to soak into the soil through terracing.

3 – Functional Space

Even though hills and mounds offer an additional attractive appeal on your property, it also tends to own up extreme extra spaces in your yard that leads to difficulty in landscaping. Through building terraces by using a sequence of retaining walls, you can have more functional space in your yard which you can use for planting beautiful plants and gardens more prominently. Alternatively, you can add additional recreational areas for your kids or a swimming pool or if you want to build patios for extra home space.

4 – Aesthetics

Retaining walls feature a wide variety of materials that could help you achieve an attractive structure that you wish to have. The great thing about constructing a retaining wall is you have the power over how high you needed it to be or what material you want to use to make a creative and beautiful masterpiece. Furthermore, with a lot of options available, you can also create your retaining walls as a seating wall depending on the height. Surely, your retaining wall will fit the landscape of your property that will make everybody say wow with the beauty of your property.